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The latest LP from Floating Action, on random-colored vinyl. While supplies last, orders for this LP will include a bonus 7" lathecut picture-disc record featuring an exclusive bonus track, a cover of Pepe Ginsburg's "The Waterline"



Floating Action - Is It Exquisite? SOLD OUT

  • We are thrilled to say we have some remaining copies of this excellent LP from Seth Kauffman aka Floating Action on Random COLORED VINYL LP available now. And BONUS there a few copies remaining of our preorder exclusive 7" picture disc LatheCut bonus disc that will be included with orders while supplies last.


    Is It Exquisite is being issued on vinyl by a Co-Op of like-minded record labels: PIAPTK, OK Recordings, Almost Halloween Time, Baby Gas Mask Records, and Ipreferpi Recordings.

  • Side A:

    1. Don't Desert Me

    2. Last of the Wildcards

    3. My Ticket Out Of Here (Pismo)

    4. Won't Be Long

    5. My Blood Is Bright Red

    6. Weak & Blind

    7. Seek Then I Found

    Side B:

    1. I'm Gonna Take You Down

    2. The Silent One

    3. Make a Heaven out of Hell

    4. Controlled Burn


    Bonus 7" Lathecut

    Side A: The Waterline