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Colored-vinyl LP from American Monoxide (aka Dimitri Manos of Golden Boots/Krab Legz). Our version of this multi-label co-release comes housed in a vintage library protective plastic sleeve, with an exclusive bonus 5-track cassingle crammed in the catalog-card pocket. 

American Monoxide - Web Content

  • Side A:

    1. VHS Country Ramble

    2. Sciatic Nerve

    3. Hot Lava Express

    4. Bubble Dog

    5. Mulch VS Fungus

    6. Ms. Sir

    7. Bat Faced Cuphea

    Side B:

    1. Guitar Amp

    2. Get Into My Way

    3. Fall Into the Future

    4. The Son Of Mulch

    5. Love It or Leave it Alone

    Bonus Cassette Content:

    1. Hot Lava Express (LP Version)

    2. Hollendaise In The Sun (Original Instrumental Vesion)

    3. Polly

    4. Guitar Amp (LP Version)

    5. Escape